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About .LA

.LA is the dedicated domain for the city of Los Angeles, in the ‘Golden state’ of California. As the second biggest city in America, and the biggest on the west coast, LA is recognised globally as an iconic city. The .LA domain enables you to celebrate your association with LA’s world renowned image.

.LA is the ideal domain for the 100,000 plus, businesses who call Los Angeles home and the 13 million who live within the greater Los Angeles area. By registering a .LA domain you’re not only connecting your business to one of the world’s largest urban economies (valued annually at approx. $826 billion) you’re also telling your customers that your business operates in one of the most famous and most visited cities in the world.

Why register your .LA

Register a .LA domain and get the right address for your website. Unlike other domains .LA has millions of valuable names available for registration, meaning more choice for your new business, marketing campaign, blog, seasonal promotion, or any other online endeavor.

Plus, .LA gives you:

  • A short, descriptive and marketable web address that brands your website as "Made in LA"

  • The ability to be found on Google for LA-related searches (the search term "LA" receives over 1.2 million searches per month on Google alone!)

In a city comprising some 325,402 small and medium enterprises (SME), and with annual visitors of over 40 million people, your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Use an instantly recognizable .LA domain name and get found faster than ever by customers and search engines.

Get your .LA

Get the name that best describes your business and get found by search engines and customers faster than ever.

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The .LA community is thriving with innovative, quality websites. From hip local businesses to bold new restaurants; fashion & music brands to artists & celebrities; networking sites & Silicon Beach start-ups; to local realtors, schools, parks and museums, brands all over the city are choosing to create powerful digital identities on a .LA address.


Want to find out more about .LA? Our FAQs below should tell you everything you need to know. If you still need help please contact us.

What is a website domain name? +
A website domain name is simply your website address, for example

What is .LA? +
.LA is the dedicated domain for Los Angeles. Its main purpose is to provide an online identity to the Los Angeles community. Furthermore, .LA is a top level domain (TLD).

What is a TLD (Top Level Domain)? +
A top level domain, or 'TLD' as its better known as the web address ending. For instance the most well-known TLDs are .com, .net and .org. Unlike traditional TLDs .LA is instantly recognised as belonging to the city of Los Angeles.

Will my website be found on search engines, like Google? +
Yes, .LA is the optimised domain for any LA associated business or website. Search engines run many different algorithms to work out what your website does; only a .LA domain tells search engines that you're based in LA. With over a million monthly searches that feature the term 'LA' on Google alone, a .LA domain is a powerful tool to increase your traffic and boost your sales.

Can .LA domains work for email? +
Yes, they make for some of the best email addresses. You will need to purchase an email package but this is usually offered as an extra from many of our accredited registrars.

Where can I buy my .LA domain? +
There are many domain name registrars selling the .LA domain. Please click here to view our 'Get your .LA' list of registrars all of whom sell .LA domains.

What is a domain name registrar? +
A domain name registrar is a company that sells domain names, such as GoDaddy.

What is a registry? +
A domain name registry is a company or organization responsible for assigning domain names for the TLD that they manage.

Who can buy a .LA domain name? +
.LA domain names come without any restrictions, meaning anyone, anywhere can register/buy one.

How long will my domain last? +
The domain's lifecycle can last for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years in any one life-cycle. However, you can renew your .LA domain name at the end of each life-cycle for a further year – or – ten; retaining ownership of it for as long as you need the domain name.

Can I transfer my .LA domain names to different registrar? +
Yes, .LA domain names can be easily transferred between our accredited registrars. Please find the full list of our registrars by clicking here should you wish to transfer your .LA domain name.

History of .LA +
.LA has been marketed as the official domain for Los Angeles since 2000. The TLD was assigned originally from Laos, South East Asia but has been marketed for use in Los Angeles due to it being a perfect fit for LA.

What is a 'Whois'? +
When you register a domain name your contact details are displayed in the public Whois record. These details include: the domain name, your name, your email, postal address of the domain registered and your phone number.

Many domain name registrars offer a Whois privacy service which will allow you to hold the domain but not publically display your personal details. Please see individual registrars for more information.

How do I submit a trademark infringement claim against a .LA domain name? +
Please see ICANN's (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which applies to all .LA domain names.

How can I report an abusive .LA domain name? +
We're proud of .LA and we work hard to keep it a globally trusted TLD. If you feel a .LA domain name is being used for phishing, sale of counterfeit goods, hosting illegal content, or otherwise being used for any illegal activity please contact our abuse team at We review every incoming email and appreciate the community's effort in keeping .LA a great, trusted TLD.

Law enforcement +
If you represent a law enforcement agency and have a question or report about a .LA domain name, incident, or otherwise, this should be directed to We aim to respond within 24hours but often reply within 1-2 hours of receiving complaints. Please note that emails that are not sent to this address from legitimate law enforcement agencies will be ignored.

How do I become a Registrar? +
To become a Registrar and to start selling .LA, please complete this form.

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